Wednesday, 13 June 2012


            • Shakuhachi red boots
            • Nannas old top
            • Brothers old jeans DIY.

They say you should dress your outfit starting with the shoes. How the hell are you meant to match these babies with anything that doesn't make you look like you're screaming 'look at me'!

I bought the boots about a year ago and have never had the chance (or courage) to wear them. I thought i'd team them with these jeans which are my older brothers old ones that were in the throw out pile!

To make them look like you're a Bondi hipster all you need is a pair of scissors and a washing machine! Simply use one blade of the scissors and slice across the jeans making lines 1-inch apart. When you're happy with the slits, pop them in the washing machine and 'walah'! This can be done with any jeans or denim shorts.

I raided my grandmas closet to find this turtle neck top/dress that is quite old fashioned, however i think they are making a quiet comeback!

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